J.D. Eames


My stories reflect my curiosity about psychology, politics, community, science, and the natural world.

Full-Length Plays
The Perfect Plate, 2008 (4W, 4M)
Living in the Twilight with Our Three Selves, 2007 (2W, 1M)
Do Geese See God, 2006 (3W, 2M, 1E)
A Pentagon Morning, 2005 (2W, 2M)
Using the Door, 2003 (4W)

Short Plays
Her Bag of Favorite Things, 2006 (1M, 1W)
Excess Baggage, 2006 (2W, 2M)
Bag in the Airport, 2006 (1W, 1M, 2Voices)
Posers at the Gate, 2002 (1M, 1W)
Intimate ASCII, 2002 (2W)

For Always, 2014
Softly When It Changes, 2005
The Zeus Club, 2004
Fly Away on a Silver Morning, 2003

For Always, an original TV pilot, 2013

In Print
Estrogenius Book of Plays 2002
Healthy Primates & Other Plays, Collection from the New Play Development Workshop 2000-2003
The Hollow and Other Plays, A Collection of Plays from the New Play Development Workshop 2004-2007
Quay Journal, Summer 2009