Plays and Scripts

In Print

  • The Hollow & Other Plays, Collections from the New Play Development Workshop 2004-2007
  • Estrogenius Book of Plays, 2002
  • Healthy Primates & Other Plays, Collections from the New Play Development Workshop 2000-2003

Original Teleplays

  • After the War - 60min western/drama
    • At the end of the Civil War, a woman with unusual powers, an orphaned girl, and a doctor unite to battle personal demons and societal injustice.
  • For Always - 30min dark comedy
    • A brutally honest make-up expert can’t keep a job, a boyfriend, or any kind of friend. She’s at the end of her rope until she meets a runaway cat, and then lands a job at a mortuary where the clients can’t talk back.
    • - Finalist, Broad Humor Festival, 2010
    • - Finalist, Moondance Film Festival, 2010
  • Reckless Joy - 60min drama (Also known as Spectacular Grit)
    • A district attorney's post-traumatic stress jeopardizes both her marriage and her re-election campaign. When a young thoroughbred is left in her care she begins to heal, and finds a new purpose for her life.
    • - Cinequest - Top 20 Pilot Scripts, 2016 (as Spectacular Grit)


  • Living in the Twilight with Our Three Selves - 90min drama
    • A writer confronted with civilization's collapse, struggles to find meaning in continuing his craft. He keeps himself and his wife afloat by teaching a writing workshop and scavenging supplies from where he can. His wife, a once celebrated ornithologist, remains steadfast, through a bourbon-soaked haze, in her quest to find the last remaining living bird.
    • - Showcase Reading, Inkwell Theatre, Washington, DC, 2011
    • - Staged Reading, Women Playwrights’ Initiative, Orlando, 2010
  • Do Geese See God - 90min drama
    • A lexicographer’s life is all about the words, until she’s hit by lightning during a winter storm, and left with an aphasiac speech impairment. Her recovery forces her to find a new relationship with words, and with the people closest to her.
    • - Reading, First Flight Series, Boomerang Theatre, San Diego, 2010
    • - Staged Showcase, Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, 2007


  • Expiration Date - 120min (Screenplay version of For Always teleplay)
    • A make-up artist addiction to truth costs her everything, and she wonders if life is worth living. With no place to go, Lily and the cat she's accidentally stolen are taken in by a childhood friend who's dying. Lily lands a job at a mortuary, and wonders if she's found her true calling, working with dead people. The cat's owner turns up dead, however, and Lily's arrested for murder over a cat worth millions of dollars. Even though she's surrounded by death and misfortune, Lily soon discovers life has more options than she ever realized.

Short Plays

  • Her Bag of Favorite Things
    • An old man receives his daughter’s army bag on Christmas Eve.
  • Excess Baggage
    • A young woman confronts the voices in her head about suicide.
  • Bag in the Airport
    • Post-9/11, a woman finds an abandoned bag in an airport terminal.
  • Posers at the Gate
    • In charge of a US President’s entry into Heaven, two leaders face a difficult decision.
  • Intimate ASCII
    • Using a Blackberry, two friends discover how small the world is.
  • Mollie Murphy, Petophile Vigilante, 10 minute mockumentary. Minuscule-budget film. Made in Louisville, Kentucky with local talent. Starring Liz Fentress.
  • More goofiness found on Vimeo