Best Dog in the World
Walker-girl 12 weeks old

Best Dog in the World

2020 Dec 15    

We call Walker the best dog in the world because she’s kind, she shares her toys, and she loves everyone. It’s her mission to let everyone pet and love on her. The social distancing during the pandemic has been challenging for Walker.

The one thing she won’t share is her ball. Well, unless you’re human. She’ll make sure every human in her vicinity has an opportunity to throw her ball and receive it back slobbered up.

Walker's Basket BallWalker has been obsessed with balls since she was a puppy. Her first obsession? Basketballs. One day at the dog park, she discovered a basketball, and henceforth, all the world’s basketballs were hers. We would let a little air out of them so that she could carry the basketballs more easily.

Today, she loves Jolly Balls. The goal, in between catching and retrieving, is to chew off the handle and then slowly create a hole big enough for her snout to fit. (It’s at that point the ball gets replaced because who wants a dog with a ball stuck on her nose?)Walker's jolly ball

We spotted Walker at the Louisville Metro Animal Shelter when she was a few weeks old. She’d been abandoned and turned over to the shelter. We live by “adopt, don’t shop.” If we didn’t believe in adopting, we never would have met Walker, ay?

I’ll never forget the day we met Walker. She’d recently been released from foster care and hadn’t been at the shelter more than a few days. We took her out to the shelter’s play area. She picked up some ratty old plastic toy, and with a beautiful twinkling side-glance, she invited us to come and play. We fell in love, of course.

Walker In June 2021, Walker will turn nine years old. Although she’s a little slower than she used to be, she’s still a very playful dog. She insists that playing ball regularly throughout the day is fundamental to living. We’re grateful for her joyful presence in our family.

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