My stories often explore how we come back together after we've been driven apart. I'm deeply concerned about life in all its forms, our humanity, and our survival both practically and spiritually.

My first writing-world has been the theatre, and my plays have been performed in San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Chicago, and Alaska.

A founding member of West Coast Playwrights Alliance, a playwright-managed theatre company (1999-2001), the WCPA premiered my play Never Say Grace in November 2000. I'm a grateful alumnus of the oldest playwrights’ workshop in the Bay Area, The Monday Night Group.

Playwright Will Dunne was my teacher for a number of years. He taught me how to receive feedback, be a collaborator, and write better plays. I've also studied screenwriting with James D'Allesandro, television writing with Larry Brody, and survived an intensive in Los Angeles at The Writer's Boot Camp.

I remain inspired by August Wilson's teaching that we must reach beyond our own talent; to be better writers than we can possibly be.

More recently, I've been shifting from writing plays and scripts to writing novels. A wonderful mentor during this transition has been the poet and wonder-tracker, Jeffrey Davis.

Born and raised in California, I can’t help but be a Westerner. Currently, I’m living in Kentucky along with my wife, and our dog, Walker.

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